The Montessori child is encouraged to follow what interests him the most. The child is free to work and learn in the classroom at his own pace and at their own level of understanding without any interruptions. This is what makes a Montessori classroom non-competitive.


There is no pressure nor stress or time limits to adhere to. Each child is guided through their own natural pathway of development individually. This is quite different from the traditional classroom where all children are treated as a whole, expected to learn and keep up with the same pace as a group. In a Montessori environment, the child has the opportunity of individual lessons, while still retaining group sessions at no extra cost.


The educational materials allow for a varied pace of advancement, which accommodates all levels of intellectual ability in the classroom. Hence, the fast learners are not held back, and slow learners are not pressured to keep up. In this unique approach, the class room is able to meet the individual needs of each child. Each child’s development and progress is measured against their own ability and advancement not compared to that of other children.

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